Featured in Woodstock Film Fest

San Antonio-Sept. 29

Mahjong and the West, one of the most interesting films of the decade, opens at the Woodstock Film Festival on October 17.

Coming off his first #1 single, “Falling Down” and on the heels of his brand new release, “My Dear”, TJ Broscoff has two songs featured in the new film. “What an honor and a great way to boost a career,” says TJ. “Can’t wait to see it!”

From a producer’s perspective this film was a challenge, and an absolute privilege to be a part.  M and the W has incredible production value. It was important this happened while simultaneously respecting the community that was so open to all of the film’s needs and to use discernment on keeping the experience positive for everyone involved and willing to invest their skill and resources in order to be a part of “Mahjong Magic”.

When a girl returns to Wyoming to bury her mother, she reunites with her childhood friend, a hard-living rodeo princess, who forces her to confront a shared trauma from their past.

Director: Joseph Muszynski
Writers: Jannette BloomAlyssa Carpenter
Stars: Tom GuiryLouanne StephensDominic Bogart